Rivers Edge Before and After Video

Since purchasing this Pennsylvania campground in 2005, Denise and I, with the help of so many family and friends, have been able to see a true transformation of the River's Edge since that first season.  As we continue to plan every single day to continue to improve every inch of the park, we thought we should reflect on what we have all accomplished so far.  The attached video is a snapshot of many of the improvements over the last seven seasons.  From digging ditches, to painting buildings, to shoveling lots and lots of gravel, to trying not to cry when the floor of the pool was literally floating on top of the water last April, we have been fortunate to have very dedicated and hard workers around us every step of the way.

Over the last seven seasons, we have added five full-service cabins and have upgraded or constructed entirely new sections for full-hook up RV sites.  The tent section--even though covered with flood waters every spring, has also been improved each year. We expanded our kitchen last year to include serving items like hamburgers and grilled chicken sandwiches in addition to the already popular pizza and hand-dipped Hershey's ice cream treats. 

We noticed in the video that we are already changing some of our own early improvements...so, the titles on some images probably should have been, "before, after, and after again".  Our dedicated staff will tell you they are sure that we already have a long list of projects and improvements for the coming Spring.  And, they are correct!  Enjoy the video and our little walk through the park from 2005 to today.  But, be sure to come visit us soon because we are already working on a new set of "before" pictures for the projects scheduled to begin as soon as the weather breaks! 

I'm sure we don't thank our staff, friends and family enough to show just how much they are appreciated, but they truly do believe in our overall vision:  one goal~happy campers! 

Enjoy the video!

One Goal - Happy Camping!